It looks like the world is headed for a silver shock as Energy Watch Group believes a staggering 2 million tonnes of silver will be needed for solar!

King World News - SILVER SHOCK: Energy Watch Group Believes A Staggering 2 Million Tonnes Of Silver Will Be Needed For Solar!7,000 Gigawatts Will Require 2 Million Tonnes Of Silver!
October 20 (King World News) – Dr. 
Stephen Leeb:  “I finally found a study that was written by members of a group called the ‘Energy Watch Group.’  Their members include (prominent) professors from Stanford, Florence — professors from all over the world — that study this stuff and publish peer-reviewed work.  The were talking about photovoltaics and how much it will take to make a difference to the world, and their numbers to 2040 stunned me.  They are saying that  photovoltaics will have to represent something like 7,000 gigawatts just to make supply and demand meet by 2040.

I did the calculations before I went on this interview with you, Eric, and I was stunned because I was doing the calculations without keeping in mind what the USGS was saying about how much silver is still left in the world.  But I took their number, Energy Watch Group’s number, and between now and 2040 the amount of silver that we will need in order to produce 7,000 gigawatts of photovoltaics is roughly two million tonnes (of silver)!  That can…To continue listening to the remarkable KWN audio interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb discussing the catalyst for a mega-bull market in silver, the takedown in the metals, oil and much more CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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