A spike in the price of silver will be the key to unleashing gold price targets of $1,645 and $2,200+.

Silver Linings Playbook
August 21 (
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Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  “Double bottom looks to be forming with a neckline at $21.14. A break above, if seen, would suggest a move to at least $28.50 (see chart below).

SILVER: Break Of $21.14 Triggers $28.50 Target

Good support is met in the near term around $16.10-16.20 and would likely contain any correction. A break over $17.51 trend line resistance should open up the way for the double bottom neckline to be tested…

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Gold-Silver Ratio
Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick continues:  “The 55-200 day moving average gap was closed here and good support in the 86.06-86.45 has held so far on this ratio. The 55 week moving average on this ratio stands at 85.50 which, if broken, suggests a move towards the 200 week moving average around 78 (see chart below).

If Gold/Silver Ratio Breaks 85.50 It Triggers 78 Target

Unleashing Gold Price Targets Of $1,645 And $2,200+
If this ratio was hit with Silver at the $21.14 neckline it would put Gold at $1,645 and at the $28.50 double target it would put Gold at $2,200+.”

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