The price of silver is close to blastoff as inflation is here to stay, plus looking for yield?

Looking For Yield?
May 10 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz:
  Bill Gross says buy T-Bills amid ‘ridiculous’ debt ceiling issue. Says debt ceiling standoffs like this are ‘always resolved.’ US 1month yield has jumped to 5.36%, highest level since 2001.

1 Month US Treasuries Yielding Close To 5.5%

More “Transitory” Inflation:
CPI Lies, Real Inflation Much, Much Higher

Charlie Bilello:
  Increases over the last 2 years…

CPI Medical Care: +3.9%
CPI Apparel: +9.3%
US Wages: +10.5%
CPI Shelter: +13.6%

CPI Used Cars: +14.6%
CPI Food away from home: +16.4%
Actual Rents: +18.5%
CPI Food at home: +18.7%
CPI New Cars: +19.3%
CPI Gas Utilities: +20.2%
CPI Electricity: +20.4%
CPI Transportation: +20.5%
Actual Home Prices: +22.5%
CPI Gasoline: +26.1%
CPI Fuel Oil: +34.7%…

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Inflation Is Here To Stay
Otavio Costa: 
The deceleration of inflation from peak levels has been rather slow when compared to other periods in history.

To put into perspective:

We just had 10 consecutive monthly declines in CPI year-over-year and the index is still standing at 4.9%.

Interestingly, the only other time this happened was during the aftermath of the 1919 Spanish Flu.

Back then, CPI had a 12-month streak of declining year-over-year data, marking a bottom at the deeply deflationary rate of -15.8%.

The current macro environment suggests that inflation is significantly ingrained in the economy.

This is evidenced by the government’s irresponsible spending levels, the beginning stages of a wage-price spiral, a prolonged period of underinvestment in natural resources, and the emergence of deglobalization trends.

Silver Close To Blastoff
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Silver is closing in on the pink massive neckline.

The big breakout level for silver using the yearly time frame plus closing prices, is 31-32.

Measured move target for the huge pattern is 800% x 31 = 248.

Always know the very big picture.

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