The Rolex indicator just flashed a major warning, only massive QE will end this, and is the public scared or broke?

Reality Check
July 31 (King World News) – 
D. Schrottenbaum, Chief Investment Officer at Austrian private bank:  “Some magic US-China trade deal will change nothing. Protectionism is a result of demographics, the debt cycle, wealth distribution etc., and it‘s here to stay for a while.”

China’s Imports From US Continue To Collapse
Jeroen Blokland: 
“China’s imports from the US have slumped more than 20% on an annual basis for 8(!) consecutive months. (See chart below).

TRADE WAR CASUALTY: China’s Imports From US Slump More Than 20% (Annual Basis) For 8 Consecutive Months!

Only Massive QE Will End This
John J Hardy, Head of FX Strategy At SaxoBank:
  “Not sure it matters if Fed cuts 25 or 50 beyond knee-jerk – may only be prospect of Fed bringing massive QE that rolls the USD over (see chart below).

Only Fed Launching Massive QE Will End US Dollar Tear As Pound Continues Collapse vs Dollar

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Most In The World…
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute: 
“Eskom-S Africa doom loop: SA now injecting c. $10 billion into its chaotic power utility already saddled w $30 billion in debt -> imperils SA sovereign debt rating -> on brink of losing investment grade status and triggering a fire sale by index investors (see chart below).

Rand Falls Most In The World As South African Debt May See Downgrade

Is The Public Scared Or Broke?
Eric Basmajian at EPB Research: 
“Real personal consumption growth, 70% of the economy, has not accelerated in nearly four years. The latest growth cycle upturn (2016-2018) was not driven by the consumer. (See chart below).

IS THE PUBLIC SCARED OR BROKE? Latest Cycle Not Driven By Consumer Spending, Which Has Not Accelerated In Nearly 4 Years

Rolex Indicator Just Flashed A Major Warning
Eric Basmajian at EPB Research continues: 
“Real Consumption Growth of Jewelry & Watches (see chart below).

Rolex Indicator Just Flashed A Major Warning!

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