On the heels of the Dow tumbling more than 500 points, RobinHood madness strikes again, plus the war in silver and a look at what just happened in the mining sector.

RobinHood Madness Strikes Again
July 30 (King World News)
Peter Boockvar:  
You can’t always get what you want. Unfortunately there were some important questions that should have been asked of Jay Powell but weren’t. I would have liked to have heard the following. 
Chair Powell, the US dollar index, a measure of the purchasing power of the US consumer and an important factor in inflation, is at the lowest level in about two years. What do you think? Chair Powell, the price of an ounce of gold, a monetary metal that is held at every central bank around the world and has been a form of money for 5000 years is at the highest price ever over those 5000 years. What do you think?

There continues to be this amazing disconnect in the investor mood of the individual investor when compared with the ‘professional.’ I do have to say that it is most likely that the individual that AAII is capturing is likely an older crowd and NOT the Robinhood speculator that is just loving stocks like Kodak. AAII today said Bulls fell almost 6 pts to 20.2, the lowest level since October 2019. Most of them went Neutral as Bears were up a more modest 1.6 pts to 48.5, the most in 5 weeks. The Neutral side at 31.3 is at the 2nd highest since mid February.

With respect to Kodak’s stock, in yesterday’s Almost Daily Grant’s, they said “According to RobinTrack.net, nearly 114,000 Robin Hood accounts held KODK shares as of the close, up from 34,000 yesterday and 9,300 at Monday’s close. That surge lifts Kodak to the 63rd most widely held name on RobinTrack, one spot ahead of the ishares SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (ticker: SPY), which has a market cap of $291 billion.” I feel like I’ve seen this movie before.

James Turk:  The silver bulls and bears have set their next battlefield. It’s nearly $4 of ground silver covered yesterday. Bulls win if silver breaks above $26.27 high. Bears win if silver falls below $22.46. I don’t set odds, but bulls look favored. Volatility seen yesterday and today is a hallmark of bull markets.

Splitting Into 3 Companies!
Ivan Bebek: In an effort to unlock considerable value for shareholders, we have decided to split our shares into 3 because we strongly believe our share price is significantly undervalued.

Former Agnico Eagle Exec To Lead Canada!
In Canada, our high-grade gold assets have attracted an incredible CEO, Michael Timmins, who was formerly the VP of Corporate Development at Agnico Eagle. Michael is someone we strongly believe will achieve the mandate for building a major Canadian mining company. To make the spinoff even more attractive for shareholders, we are acquiring a mining asset that was grossly undervalued and plan to conduct 50 kilometers of resource expansion drilling that will start this fall if the deal completes. 50 kilometers of drilling will be a massive driver for share price returns.

If You Buy Today, This Is What You Could Get
Each Auryn shareholder will receive approximately .7 shares of Fury Gold Mines, 1 full share for Sombrero, which is arguably one of the largest copper district discovery opportunities globally, and 1 full share for Curibaya, which so far has impressed everyone with multi-kilo silver in several areas over a 4 square kilometer zone. We estimate the Copper and Silver shares will trade later this year or early next year as we receive permits and expose multiple new opportunities to make the world class discoveries we are after.

That is 2.7 shares for each share that you buy prior to the record date that will take place after the vote in September. So you would get 3 shots at world class discoveries in one of the most robust bull markets for commodities we will see in our lifetime. This is the single best investment opportunity we could have created as executives and large insider owners for our shareholders at the forefront of one of the most robust bull markets in history.

A Message from Mike Timmins, Former VP of Corporate Development at Agnico Eagle And New President & CEO of Fury Gold:
“I am excited by this new opportunity presented by Fury Gold. The Transaction reflects Auryn’s long-term strategy of acquiring promising, early-stage gold projects and leveraging a broad range of technical skill sets to add value through focused exploration and development. I look forward to leading a team of experienced and talented professionals that are capable of taking big steps to drive growth.” Auryn Resources, symbol AUG in the US and Canada.

Legend Pierre Lassonde gave an an incredibly powerful interview to King World News discussing where the gold market, gold industry, and mining stocks are headed, and what he had to say will surprise a lot of people around the world. To find out why legend Pierre Lassonde says the upside on gold is unlimited and much more click here or on the image below.

GOLD: At This Point, This Says It All
GOLD: At This Point, This Says It All…

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