Today King World News interviewed a 60-year market veteran who made some absolutely incredible predictions regarding the silver market.  He discussed why the price of silver is headed to levels that seem unimaginable today.  Below is six-decade market veteran Ron Rosen’s remarkable interview.

Rosen:  “The most bullish pattern that can possibly occur in a market has now taken place in silver.  It is such a rare pattern that it hardly ever occurs.  It is probably as rare as the monetary experiments we have seen undertaken by central banks around the world and that is most likely why it (this rare pattern) has taken place….

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“The gold market has a somewhat similar set up but the pattern in silver is absolute perfection.  It’s called a ‘running correction,’ and a running correction leads to the biggest possible move that any commodity can make.  And that’s where we are right now with silver.

I believe the price of silver will be going higher than any of the general expectations.  $100 silver is commonly referred to but I think that will be far too low.  The price of silver already hit $50 in 1980.  I suspect we will see the silver market at least 5-times higher than that (minimum $250) before this bull market finally ends.

When the gold market hits $3,800, a 15/1 gold/silver ratio will already put the price of silver over $250.  If the gold price continues higher, which it very well may, then the price of silver will head to even higher levels.  This may sound unbelievable today, but this is just how bull markets work — what seems unbelievable today becomes reality tomorrow.”

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