Today Rick Rule spoke with King World News about what he is doing with his own money and with his clients’ money.

Eric King:  “Rick, what are you doing with your own money and your clients’ money right now?”

Rick Rule:  “That’s a tough question, Eric.  We have more cash in the accounts than we would like to have in the accounts.  That may be because we are too actively doing too many things.  Our intention was to be more invested than we are now, primarily through the private placement side of the business.  I prefer the private placements as a consequence of the warrants.  So to answer your question, we have more cash then we intended to have.  If you asked me what I intended to do with the money, clearly the answer is to put it to work, putting as much of it to work privately as I am able…

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2108 Outlook
I think 2018 is going to be a fairly good year in the sense that there is a lot of money available to extractive industries and not too much of it is ‘dumb money.’  Meaning, the good people are going to get financed, and with any luck at all, the scams are going to whither away and die.

Investing In Explorers
We’re seeing good work being done in many ways, so there are lots of good properties to finance.  I would note that the gold market has held in fairly well, despite a strong US dollar, but the gold and silver stocks haven’t kept pace.  So we are looking to up our allocation in that sector.  We will be looking to invest in early stage exploration, particularly the prospect generators.”

***To listen to the remarkable 2018 predictions from Dr. Stephen Leeb CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.


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