Below is an email from one of KWN’s global readers and what he had to say about the gold and Bitcoin markets was quite interesting. 

King World News - Email From A KWN Reader About What Is Happening In The Gold & Bitcoin MarketsOne Trade Spikes Price Of Bitcoin 30%!
November 16 
King World News)This email came
from one of the global KWN readers (Kevin W.): On Monday, November 14 when Bitcoin moved up 30% on a $20 million purchase in one blockchain transaction representing .02% of outstanding Bitcoin Value of $100 billion, it is also interesting that the overall total blockchain transaction value for the day in Bitcoin amounted to about $2 billion. Consequently one transaction representing 1% of overall worldwide transaction value in Bitcoin moved the price by 30%!…

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What About The Paper Gold Market?
Now compare that to the highly manipulated and legally licensed to steal Comex, where the Bank for International Settlements, New York Fed and its gold bullion banks trade gold futures (and plunder from both large and small traders). With open interest in Gold Comex at about 525,000 contracts, and total daily trading averaging at about 350,000 contracts, a 1% market order to slam prices down would represent only 3500 contracts – a smidgen compared to what is actually being thrown out at (the paper gold) market day in and day out.

Instead, Comex Gold sees 10% of daily trading volume or 33,000 contracts being executed in a 1-3 minute time frame nearly every day of trading in an effort to suppress prices and take out the gambling weak hands that are long and thick headed enough to still be playing the (paper) game. 33,000 contracts represents $4 billion, and at 5% margin posted by the gold bankster mob about $200 million.

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A.I. Algos Gone Wild
Bitcoin will soon trade where one blockchain transaction amounts to $200 million, representing 10% of overall transaction value for the day. Can’t imagine the fluctuation in price with that but surely the A.I. (artificial intelligence) algos that are controlled by the same manipulators in the paper gold market know, and you can bet they know how to hedge in the cash settled Bitcoin futures market.”

King World News note:  The bottom line is the paper markets, whether they be gold, silver, or Bitcoin, are the playground of criminal banking syndicates that believe they are doing “God’s work” by fleecing large and small speculators (acting at the behest of Western central banks) while they obliterate the idea of free markets by controlling price movements.  One thing is absolutely certain, this will end in disaster.  In the meantime, simply accumulate physical gold and silver ahead of the coming train wreck because it is sure to be a doozy.

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