On the heels of a violent countertrend rally in stocks, Stephanie Pomboy says, “You are here,” including a fascinating chart, plus Macau collapse, WTF, and 3/4 point emergency rate cut.

You Are Here
March 2 (King World News) – Steph Pomboy:  You are HERE. after the ‘flush’ last week, the market is still at its 2nd highest valuation in history. This ratio has averaged 100% over the last 3 decades. getting back to that would require lopping another $8t off market cap. (that’s assuming we neatly revert to the mean). (See below).

Even After Last Week’s Pullback, Stock Market
At 2nd Highest Valuation In History!

Sven Henrich: Glad we’re all on the same page.

China: Wear masks to protect yourself.
US: Stop buying masks they are ineffective.

Fed Credibility In Jeopardy
Sven Henrich: 
“The Fed’s totally boxed in. They already cut 3 times and bloated their balance sheet. They only have 6 cuts left to 0. Now they’re chasing market expectations which demand ever more with each down day. Risk is they disappoint and it has no to little effect and then even less ammo.”…

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Emergency Rate Cut
Tom McClellan: 
“If the Fed wants to get to just a “neutral” interest rate right now, irrespective of the future, then an IMMEDIATE 3/4-point rate cut is in order right now (not at the next meeting). That’s the message of the 2-year T-Note yield, which tends to know better. (See below).

2-Year Treasury Notes Are Always Right:
Fed Better Cut Rates 3/4 Of A Point Immediately

Macau Collapse
The Daily Shot:
  “Chart: Macau casino revenue (year-over-year) (see below).

Nothing A Few Rate Cuts Can’t Fix

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