The Plunge Protection Team at it…again., gold, silver, commodities, plus China cracking.

Plunge Protection Team At It…Again
April 25 (King World News) – 
Garic Moran:  The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) saved the day. Oil down, Gold down, VIX down, SPYs, US dollar, and Bonds up. You can’t make this up; 10 years into supporting financial assets at all costs continues as of tonight.

Since inflation began to rise rapidly last May, the FED has printed $1T & raised rates .25%. They also continue to support financial assets at all costs. Betting on the same PHDs who brought us the highest inflation in 40 years to solve it, does not make sense…

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Wash Out Of Hot Money In Gold
Fred Hickey:
  $80 gold correction and selloff in miners in just a week has been steep, though not really that surprising. Sentiment was overly bullish. Wells Fargo, BofA with predictions of record high gold prices, Barrons with a $3K gold story. This will wash out the hot money that had come in.

Silver Juniors
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  That looks like a nice bullish reversal candle on SILJ. In timing band so could be the daily cycle low.

Junior Silver Mining Index Possible Cycle Low

Canada vs US
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Back in April 2020 when I called the commodities bear market low, I said that low would reshape the investment world. We are seeing that happening. And this chart with Toronto Stock Exchange breaking out big time vs S&P 500 is quite important. So it begins.

Canadian Stock Market Breaking Out
Big Time vs S&P 500

Commodities vs S&P 500
Willem Middelkoop:
  Buy Low .. Sell High

Commodities vs S&P 500 Near Record Low
Commodities Set To Continue Radical
Upside Outperformance Long Term

China Cracking
Albert Edwards,
Former Global Strategist at Société Générale:
  One place where something might break soon is in China. Wei Yao believes that the Chinese economy is now in severe distress and requires aggressive easing. In that context, its strangulation caught between a rising renminbi and a slumping yen, is simply intolerable.

Chasm Between China’s Currency (RED)
And Japan’s Currency (BLACK)
Hits Record, Straining China’s
Economy Even More

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