Today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News about what we are seeing right now and how it parallels what the world witnessed just before the global stock market Crash of 1987.  Below is what Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research, had to say in his powerful interview.

Gerald Celente:  “The Federal Reserve has no other cards to play.  You are seeing it in the polling from major economists around the world not having faith in what the European Central Bank is going to do.  It’s one big con game and there is nothing left….

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What are they going to do?  They have nothing.  So when does the confidence game end?  We think it’s coming soon because the con men have no more tricks up their sleeves to woo the crowds.

In the meantime it’s collapsing right in front of everyone’s eyes.  For example, up in Canada shipments of crude oil dropped 10 percent in November — the biggest decline in almost 3 years.  The value of energy exports has dropped for six straight months, triggering a November trade deficit of $644 million — more than triple the median forecast.

What’s that going to do to housing prices up there?  But that’s foreign news.  So people focus on the headline news and they miss what’s going on with this energy crisis.  And for anyone who doesn’t remember, the Crash of 1987 was preceded by a crash in oil prices.”

Eric King:  Gerald, this panic that you said we are going to see on Wall Street and around the world, this is going to happen in 2015.  It’s in front of us, isn’t it?”

Gerald Celente:  “We believe it.  What other Ponzi scheme are they going to come up with?  We don’t think there are any left.  But Ponzi is a shrewd schemer, so you can never sell them short because they will do anything to rob you blind and steal your last dime.  Having said they will steal our last dime, it looks like they’ve played the deck out and there is nothing left up their sleeves.  So 2015 looks like a year of panic.” KWN will shortly be releasing Gerald Celente's remarkable audio interview where he discusses the coming global panic and crash and you can listen to it when it's released by CLICKING HERE OE ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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