Legend Pierre Lassonde has been aggressively buying this mining stock, his top pick for 2021. Lassonde is arguably the greatest company builder in the history of the mining sector.  He is past President of Newmont Mining, former Chairman of the World Gold Council and former Chairman of Franco Nevada.  Lassonde is one of the wealthiest, most respected individuals in the gold world, and as always King World News would like to thank him for sharing his wisdom with our global readers during this critical period in these markets.

Great Value In Mining Stocks
Eric King:  Pierre, some of these large cap mining stocks have become value plays. And there is even more value as you start to go down the line, particularly into some of the smaller stocks. We invest alongside each other and we have been buying a company called America’s Gold & Silver. I invested 7 figures into that (stock), Pierre, and I know you own 5% of the company.”

America’s Gold & Silver: All Of The Upside For Free
Pierre Lassonde:
  “In the mid-cap (mining stock space) there are a number of stocks that I really like. And I like stocks that have a lot of optionally values. Meaning that you are buying the existing asset but then you are getting all of the upside for free.

The Discovery Of A New Silver Zone
And America’s Gold & Silver (symbol USAS in the United States and USA in Canada) is one of those where if you look at the results that they’ve been putting out on their Galena property, the intercepts that they are seeing, and the discovery of the new silver zone in the hundreds of grams per tonne (800-900 grams per tonne silver), I mean it is fascinating, it is really interesting. Plus there is like 2%-5% copper on top of that. 
And so in terms of equivalent, you are looking at 40+ ounces of gold equivalent per tonne. Well that’s like $1,000+ per tonne material, like something the ‘old timers’ would see. Plus they are finally getting good results at Relief Canyon — their gold project.

Unlocking Value
And it looks like they are finally going to get started back in Mexico. They are getting agreements done with all of the various parties. They are finally getting that sorted out with the help of the federal government. 
So things are finally coming together and the stock is selling for less than .4 NAV (Net Asset Value). Well, I love buying a thing for 40 cents on the dollar and then being able to sell them at full (plus rising) NAV. And that’s why I’ve been saying to you that it’s a great deal and why I’ve been picking up stock in the market. And yes, I do own about 5% of the company.”

MUST LISTEN: In this audio interview Pierre Lassonde shares with KWN listeners around the world what they should be doing with their money right now in the gold and silver sector as well as discussing where the price of gold is headed and why he is so bullish and you can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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