With gold on a tear, trading above $1,390 at one point in TOCOM trading, Peter Schiff had this to say…

Gold Is On A Tear
June 19 (King World News) – Peter Schiff:
  “Gold just hit a 5-year high, trading above $1,395 in evening trading. It’s rallied $50 per ounce since this morning. Imagine how much higher gold would be had the Fed cut rates today. Imagine how much higher it would be if traders realized the Fed is going back to 0 and QE4!
…a new high for the year, as the probability of an inappropriate July rate cut is now 100%. What the markets still don’t get is that the July cut will be the first step on the road back to ZIRP and QE4. Like most sequels, this one will be bad!” Also released Fed Decision And Gold’s Reaction Surge Above $1,390 CLICK HERE TO READ.

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