There is panic selling in the gold and silver markets today along with the XAU falling over 5%. One pro said, ‘They are trying to stampeded gold investors” as the price of gold plunged $40 and silver tumbled $1.

Gold Panic
September 16 (King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  As said for 3.5 weeks, Aug 9th looks good as major low so far. Still backtesting my blue falling wedge after breakout. Today we have a combined blue line backtest with fib 38% retracement. We also have a slightly new low which makes sense as late in daily cycle.

Gold Daily Cycle Low Completing

Insiders just invested another $56 Million in this 12 million ounce
Canadian gold company!

Nautilus Research: 

Uranium Bull Market Just Getting Started!

Trying To Stampede Gold Investors
Fred Hickey: 
Massively levered hedge funds at it again selling/shorting gold (futures contracts – “paper gold”) on their “taper is bad for gold theme” in front of next week’s Fed meeting. Trying to stampede gold investors. Meanwhile, inflation is running hotter and hotter around the world.

This will bring in the Asian physical gold buyers who will (again) hoover up already-tight physical gold supplies and once again setting a floor for gold. I won’t sell an ounce of gold and I’m ready to buy more undervalued miners at already depressed prices (they’ll be even cheaper).

The end result of these “attacks” on gold by the levered wise guys (thanks Fed for creating the wild casino with your 0% interest rates) is ever more physical gold moving from West to East (and also to places like Germany – where they rightly fear inflation).

…And Then The Bubbles Will Collapse
Fred Hickey continues:  Western investors will end up holding worthless NFTs (digital rocks, pictures of Apes etc.) “meme” stocks, SPACs, start-up firms (that should never have started), “zombie” cos. the most overpriced tech stocks in history (many of them money-losing) and then the bubbles will collapse.

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