James Turk – What Is Happening In The Silver Market Is Extraordinary

On the heels of the price of gold surging near the $2,100 level on Friday, today James Turk told King World News that what is happening in the silver market is extraordinary.


The Upside Mania In The Gold & Silver Markets Will Soon Begin

As we continue to kickoff trading in 2024, the big picture setup shows the upside mania in the gold and silver markets will soon begin. As Michael Oliver told King World News, it will be a repeat of the upside explosion similar to what unfolded in 1979-80. Here is yet more evidence from Graddhy out of Sweden that we are approaching that upside explosion.

2024: Inflation Still A Huge Concern, Take A Look At This…

As we kickoff an election year, there is still a huge concern regarding inflation because it is virtually the only thing people around the world are concerned about. Yes, there are wars, but watch the rants from the vast majority of people who are suffering and they are pissed off about the high prices of everything. This was the exact same trend in the 1970s.