Multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price just issued this dire warning to the United States. Let’s hope this never unfolds.

Are World Wars a thing of the past?
March 10 (King World News) – Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price:  Will there never, ever be a Third World War? 

From recent news, it appears that Russia has developed new, monstrous weapons of inconceivable destructive power, to be delivered by intercontinental missiles. It certainly doesn’t sound like the Russian government regards war as a thing of the past.

Russia has only one potential enemy – the USA. The USA is the only candidate as a victim of Russian weaponry – and for good reasons. 

The USA is engaged in ceaseless efforts to annoy Russia, as well as China, a nuclear power allied to Russia. 

At present, the USA is sending warships into the Black Sea, threatening Crimea, which opted to ally with Russia, and the Russian Donbass area, which has a coastline with the Black Sea…

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Further, the USA instigated a revolt in Ukraine, ousted its President who was friendly to Russia, and has installed a régime beholden to the USA and hostile to Russia, which is on its northern border. President Biden’s son made some juicy deals with Ukraine’s pro-American government.

The USA attempted – but failed – to overthrow the pro-Russian government of Belarus (“White Russia”) and install a pro-American puppet as President.

The USA has attempted to prevent the completion of an important gas pipeline, from Russia to Germany, which would provide abundant and cheap gas for German industry, in a futile effort to provide much more expensive gas, to be sent to Germany by ship from the USA. 

The USA is not only engaged in annoying Russia, but also insists on annoying China and its population of about 1.4 billion Chinese. 

USA annoys China by sending its aircraft carriers and their accompanying forces, through the China Sea and the islands in it, which belong to China, and through the Strait which separates Taiwan – claimed as Chinese territory by China – from China.

After umpteen years, the USA is still waging war in Afghanistan, in the middle of Asia, killing its people and destroying the country, without any success in achieving some undefined purpose. 

The USA maintains active forces in the Middle East, killing its people and destroying their cities. 

Indeed, the whole history of the USA is as a belligerent nation, i.e., a warlike nation. Why is this so? Why cannot the territorial ambitions of the USA ever be satisfied?  This is indeed a mystery.

What lies ahead is Doomsday for the USA. Given the nature of the USA, Doomsday is inevitable: 

Let’s Hope This Never Unfolds
The USA will at some point, by its nature, be forced to attack Russia or its ally, China. 

The result of this inevitable event will be the bombing, with nuclear weapons, of the territory of the USA, by Russia and its ally China. 

This event will be the first event of such a nature, in the history of the USA, which, since 1812, has never suffered the consequences of war on its own territory. 

And this event – the destruction of the USA by nuclear weapons, launched from Russian and Chinese submarines presently lying quietly on the bottom of the seas, off the coasts of the USA, or by intercontinental nukes – will mark the end of the USA.

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One Of The Most Prolific Gold Addresses In The World
Kevin Ma:
 Eric, we are very excited to have recently commenced trading on March 1st, on the TSX Venture Exchange, under the ticker symbol “KALO”.  Kalo owns 100% of the high-grade Vatu Aurum Gold Project in Fiji, which is one of the most underappreciated but prolific gold addresses in the world, located in the South Pacific Ring of Fire.

This part of the world holds some of the largest high-grade gold systems on the planet, including Porgera in Papua New Guinea with 25Moz of gold, Lihir on the eastern part of PNG with 50 million ounces, Waihi at over 10 million ounces in New Zealand and in Fiji itself, there is Vatukoula which has produced 7 million ounces of gold during the last 75 years and going strong. Lion One’s high-grade Tuvatu Project in Fiji is also making significant progress.

Drilling For Further High-Grade Discovery
Importantly, Vatu Aurum already has a high-grade and thick discovery at Qiryaga Hill, including 10 meters at 27.18 g/t gold, 8.75 m at 36.02 g/t gold, 6 meters at 15.88 g/t gold as well as, 20 metres at 6.23 g/t Au. And the intersections are mostly near surface! We are very excited to have commenced our latest drill program this past December, focused on Qiryaga Hill, plus the addition of more high priority targets on the large 36,700 hectares land packageover 14 high priority targets and counting.

K92 And The Ring Of Fire
The project has attracted David Medilek, Vice President Business Development and Investor Relations from K92 Mining who is a Special Advisor to Kalo. K92 has another big system in the South Pacific Ring of Fire with the Kainantu Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea, which also won the prestigious PDAC’s 2021 Thayer Lindsley Award for Best Global Discovery. David joined for the high-grade, big system potential of Vatum Aurum.

Newmont, Barrick & Goldcorp
Lastly, Kalo brings a deep team with extensive South Pacific and Fiji experience to realize Vatum Aurum’s potential. The technical team is lead by Mr. Fred Tejada, Kalo Gold CEO, while Mr. Kevin Ma, Kalo Gold President, will be leading capital markets and corporate finance.  Mr. Michael Nesbitt, co-founder of Kalo, continues as senior in-country manager.  Mr. Nesbitt has over a decade of experience in Fiji and developed key relationships with government and local landowners. We are also supported by a strong group of directors and special advisors, from exploration to mine building experience, including with senior mining companies such as Newmont and Barrick

As mentioned earlier, our special advisory committee is comprised of Mr.  David Medilek of K92 Mining, Mr. Alastair Still of Goldmining Inc. (former director, corporate development, with Newmont Corp. (formerly Goldcorp)), and Dr. Russell Fountain, former chairman and a director of Geopacific Resources Ltd., an Australian Securities Exchange-listed public company that, at one stage, held the largest mining concessions in Fiji, holding five copper/gold projects, including the Raki-Raki and Faddy projects.

Exciting ties lie ahead, and pay attention to the drilling underway! Kalo Gold, symbol KALO in Canada.

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