With the price of gold and silver surging, here is a look at more monetary inflation and the final outcome, absolutely insane, plus a mind-boggling chart.

More Monetary Inflation And The Final Outcome
January 20 (King World News) – Alasdair Macleod out of London:
  So far, we know only of Biden’s covid recovery spending: stimulus to economic growth and green energy yet to be declared. With CBO’s previous deficit forecast we are looking at a budget deficit for fiscal 2021 of well over $5 trillion to be funded by monetary inflation.

In the short term helicopter money increases apparent savings, but a wall of $2.5 trillion consumer spending will then be unleashed when lockdown ends. The effect on marginal prices will be dramatic. And the trade deficit will subsequently expand to match the budget deficit…

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The consequences for the purchasing power of the dollar will be profound. It will be impossible for the Fed to fund the budget deficit and absorb the inevitable selling of dollars and USTs from foreign sources, which already total US 140% of GDP.

Which brings me on to the final outcome. Inevitably, the Fed will fail to keep the financial bubble inflated, and its implosion will collapse the dollar (cf. John Law). It was going to happen anyway, but a combination of Biden and Yellen will only bring the timing forward.

Nothing To See Here
The Daily Shot:
  Real investment-grade bond yields are deep in negative territory. (See chart below).

Absolutely Insane: More Negative Yields

The Daily Shot: 
Fund managers are expecting higher inflation ahead. (See chart below).

Inflation Expectations At All-Time High

Tick Tock
Jeroen Blokland:
  Global reserve currencies since 1450! (See chart below).

Time Running Out For The US Dollar

And finally a mind-boggling chart from Stephanie Pomboy (see below).

Mind-Boggling Chart Of Stock Market Overvaluation

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