Below is a small portion of a report issued by a man who is connected in China at the highest levels. What is most interesting is that he now believes that the price of gold is headed to $3,000.

Hockey Stick Of Exploration Lies Ahead
August 6
 (King World News)
John Ing: 
…we believe that investors can look forward to the “sweet part of the cycle” and the industry’s huge cash flow generation will allow needed spending on exploration. With precious few discoveries, the “hockey stick” of exploration lies ahead, particularly since the world’s mine output lags demand.

$3,000 Gold
Gold has surged to all time historic highs, breaching $1,921 an ounce reached in September 2011. Gold had earlier reached record highs in most other currencies and now gold priced in dollars to record highs on fears about the global pandemic’s impact on the world economy. While we have long forecasted a target of $2,200 an ounce, we expect gold to trade higher than $3,000 an ounce due to a lower greenback and solvency concerns. And with the expected inflationary impact of the unprecedented massive dose of monetary and fiscal stimuli, gold’s “never normal” bull run has only just begun.

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