Today Michael Oliver, the man who is well known for his deadly accurate forecasts on stocks, bonds, and major markets, communicated to King World News that the prices of gold and silver are about to go vertical as the metals markets undergo a dynamic trend change.

Gold & Silver Bull, Stock & Bond Bear
October 30 (
King World News) –
Michael Oliver:  The initial major bear leg in the U.S. stock market (which MSA signaled was beginning in January and February 2022) has passed—both its initial drop and its protracted counter-trend rally. We now see it as transitioning from our expected “arm-wrestling” first phase to a more obvious next leg of bear market decline…

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MSA doesn’t expect a crash event (which can be roughly defined as a more than 35% drop within a matter of a few weeks, such as 1929, 1987, etc.). Remember that most major U.S. stock market bear trends did not require a crash event to clear the prior bubble’s refuse. True, the 2009 to 2021 stock market bubble was the largest in U.S. history, both in duration and multiples of upside, but a flushing of the embedded micro and macro economic errors of that monetarily generated bubble can unfold without a crash event but still very painfully. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. Government Bond market has likely served an efficient and cleansing role in further exacerbating pain due to the prior dozen years of error on the part of lenders and borrowers (families, businesses, and government), thus helping the stock market bubble’s breakage enter its next downside phase. And while T-Bonds have been closely linked to gold’s weekly and monthly momentum technicals over the past year, as we have noted, the action of the past three weeks has seen a sharp divorce in those linked technicals—with gold dramatically lifting-off and T-Bonds adding to their crash event and maintaining the choking pain in that market for several weeks more. We expect a sharp T- Bond counter-trend rally is at hand, however. 

Gold & Silver Will Go Vertical
The action of gold and related has totally ignored the downside in the stock market. That divorcing action will hopefully begin to at least erode the false historical notion of stock market and gold synchronicity, especially during major down phases in the stock market. We argue that monetary metals (we don’t like to use the term “precious metals” when speaking of gold and silver) are likely on the cusp of a dynamic tonal change in their uptrends, from an arm-wrestling process, now eight years old, to more rapid and vertical. And this as the broken-bubble assets hasten their downside dynamics. To receive the special KWN discount to subscribe to Michael Oliver’s internationally acclaimed MSA Annual Research which is used by serious investors and professionals all over the world CLICK HERE.

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