The massive move in industrial metals such as zinc and copper should be very good for the price of gold.

What the Surge in Industrial Metals Means for Markets
October 18 (King World News) – Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader:  When consumers are optimistic about the economy, they buy stuff. That stuff needs to be manufactured by somebody, and those somebodies need materials to make it.

So, manufacturers get busy, inputs are in demand, and industrial materials tend to rise. There’s no doubt that’s the case now…

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Zinc And Copper Have Skyrocketed
Dean has shown how some metals like zinc and copper have skyrocketed. That has helped to drive the S&P GSCI Industrial Metals Index to a new high. Just as impressively, the index has doubled from its pandemic-panic low.

GSCI Industrial Metals Index Has Doubled!

A Good Omen For Metals One Year Later
King World News note:  Goepfert also included the following chart and corresponding price action after the GSCI Industrial Metals Index doubled from a 500-day low. If you look at the prices of the metals one year later, 3 out of four times prices were higher with an average gain of 27.9%.

Industrial Metals Also Did Very Well One Year
Later With An Average Gain Of 27.9%

Also Very Good For Gold
King World News note:  The figures below show that the price of gold was an average of 17.6% higher after the GSCI Industrial Metals doubled from a 500-day low.

GSCI Industrial Metals Index Doubling From
500-Day Low Is Also Great For Gold Prices
Which Were An Average 17.6% Higher
One Year Later

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