Is a massive short squeeze at hand in the gold market?  One of the greats in the business just warned, “There is no escape for them (the gold shorts).”

Is Gold Set To Skyrocket?
June 27 (King World News) Eric King:  “Alasdair, I know you’ve seen the KWN article that was sent in by one of our global readers discussing why the price of gold is set to skyrocket if it closes out the quarter next week above $1,772, which was the quarterly (closing) high set in 2012.”

There Is No Escape For The Gold Shorts
Alasdair Macleod:
  “I think it’s a fascinating story actually.  I think your guy (KWN reader) is absolutely right.  The way to tie it in is to think of what the quarter end means.  The quarter end for bullion banks means accounting — it’s the date they will value their positions in the market.  Now obviously it suits these guys to keep the price as low as possible for that quarter end date (next Tuesday).  And if you have a suppressed gold price, you are going to have a higher gold price afterwards.  I think that’s why your reader’s observation makes an awful lot of sense. 

And in this current context I think it is also appropriate.  They (bullion banks/swaps dealers) have tried to keep the price down.  The swaps are now more short than they have ever been.  And this is a situation where the gold price is on the verge of breaking out.  Arguably it has already broken out.  They (swaps dealers) are just caught (short).  There is no escape for them.  So I think…to continue listening to this timely and powerful audio interview where Alasdair Macleod discusses gold being on the verge of a historic breakout that will trigger a massive short squeeze click here or on the image below.

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