The pullback in gold is such a joke. Here is a look at a major gold bull catalyst, incredible chart, gold juniors about to shock the market, plus another surprise.

Nothing To See Here
May 4 (King World News) – Jeroen Blokland:  New month, new record! The US Trade deficit hit USD 74.4 billion in March. (See chart below).

US Trade Deficit Hits All-Time Record!

Incredible Chart
Jeroen Blokland: 
This is such an incredible chart! US M1 Money Supply vs Nominal GDP (see chart below).

And People Wonder Why We Are
Seeing Skyrocketing Inflation

Lumber Soaring…Again
Tom McClellan: 
On March 16, the May lumber futures contract closed at 842.40. Since then, it has almost doubled, and closed higher on 30 of 33 trading days (one of those was an unchanged day). I’m sure it’s fine. (See chart below).

Lumber Prices Continue To Soar!

Risk Of Stock Major Market Plunge Increasing
Nautilus Research:
  SPX — Our proprietary multi-factor model is starting to focus our attention. (See chart below).

Stock Market Crash Will Occur
If Money Printing Ever Stops

Billionaire Eric Sprott bought a 20% stake in a mining company
to find out which one
click here or on the image below

Big Picture For Gold Juniors Is Magnificent
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
My big picture weekly chart for gold juniors has a magnificent setup. I have a green rounded bottom that gathered energy from a rounded bottom kickdown (March 2020 lows) and is now climbing the right side of the rounded bottom. Note thin zone, means it will fly above 63. (See chart below).

You Better Own The Right Junior Mining
Stocks Because They Are About To Fly!

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