With the price of silver moving back to $17 and crude oil hanging near $57, look at these remarkable commercial trading moves in silver and crude oil!

Here is an update on how commercials are positioning themselves in crude oil and silver…

The chart below shows commercials very close to all-time record short positions in the crude oil market.

Near All-Time Record Short Positions In Crude Oil


NEAR RECORD: 23-Year Chart Of Commercial Oil Shorts


Commercials Increase Short Positions In Silver


Below is a 23-year big picture look at the commercial short positions in the silver market (see chart below).

23-Years Of Commercial Short Positions In Silver


Also of importance…

There is one other chart of commercial short positioning that is extremely important…

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If we take a look at what is happening in the “Total Energy” market it is quite fascinating.  For the past couple of weeks commercial short positions have increased in the Total Energy market and have now hit an all-time record (see 23-year chart below).

Commercial Total Energy Short Positions Hit All-Time Record!


If you  look closely at the chart above, commercials have piled in aggressively short “Total Energy.”  This suggests that there may be a great deal of downside in the energy market.  As for crude oil, a major danger signal is being flashed.  In the silver market there is a warning flag being waved as well.  Commercial short positions did not change noticeably in the gold market, where they remain short, but well off record levels.  KWN will keep a close eye on commercial positions and update when major changes occur.  In the meantime, it will be very interesting to see how these key markets trade in the coming weeks, particularly crude oil, which may see significant downside action.

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