With the world on the edge of major turmoil, is this about to trigger $150 oil, $2,000 gold and crashing markets?

Are You Prepared For War?
May 1 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  “The fabricated false premise for the justification of war in the Middle East we forecast in December has been established. The powerful Israel, Saudi Arabia and United States triumvirate have pledged allegiance against Iran

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Gerald Celente continues:  “Three weeks ago, following unverified reports that Syria unleashed a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of people in the outskirts of Damascus, Israel allegedly launched a military strike against Syria. A few days later, the U.S., France and Britain orchestrated a 100-plus missile attack on Syria, which Saudi Arabia has praised.

In just the last week, the prospects for war have measurably escalated. An airstrike attack on the weekend that targeted Syrian military facilities in Hama and Aleppo was believed to be carried out by Israel. Barely covered in Western media, it is reported 26 people were killed in the strike, including Iranian soldiers.

The anti-Iranian alliance is further bolstered by President Trump’s newly confirmed National Security Advisor John Bolton, who has called for regime change in Iran, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who called Iran, “the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

Then on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has vowed to “not allow Iran to entrench itself militarily in Syria,” put on an amateurish power point presentation of “new evidence” to prove Iran has been developing its nuclear weapons program in secret for more than a decade.

While claiming to have stacks of incriminating evidence, there was nothing “new and conclusive” in Netanyahu’s show-and-tell, “Iran Lied” routine.

Further on Monday, Israel’s Knesset transferred responsibility for declaring war from the full cabinet to the prime minister and his minister of defense.

From his seat as the star of America’s Presidential Reality Show, President Trump validated Netanyahu’s unsubstantiated claims targeting Iran, saying:

“What’s happening today and what’s happened over the last little while and what we’ve learned has really shown that I’ve been 100 percent right.”

We warned in one of our Top Trends for 2018, “Market Shock-Mass Murder:” “The battle lines have been drawn. In Washington, there is absolute support for Israel and absolute hatred for Iran. Should these trend lines continue on their current path, we forecast war will ignite throughout the Middle East.”

Should Trump cancel the Iran nuclear agreement, which seems likely, oil prices will rise, thus further benefiting Saudi Arabia, whose Crown Prince wants oil at a $100 a barrel or more to bolster its sagging economy.

With the Trump Rally now ended and global economies downshifting, neither equity markets or consumers are positioned to withstand the effects of spiking oil prices and other impacts of war.

Indeed, the economic consequences will pale in comparison to the human suffering and potential destruction that will result.

TREND FORECAST: $150 Oil, $2,000 Gold & Crashing Markets
War against Iran will drive oil prices to Panic of ’08 levels, reaching $150 per barrel. And it will crash equity markets worldwide, along with the dollar, euro, yen, yuan and other fiat currencies of deeply indebted nations.

While a strong dollar has kept gold prices down, should war breakout, gold, the ultimate safe-haven asset, will see its value catapult into unchartered territory of $2,000 an ounce or more.

King World News note: With geopolitical tensions escalating, make sure you have access to your physical gold.

Speaking of gold…

Big News!
Eric King: “Your stock was halted because the results that you released were incredible.”

Matthew Hornor: “Eric, the drill results that Maple Gold just now released are some of the greatest drill holes in the history of this entire project. From today’s release:

Maple Gold reports drill results from central Porphyry Zone at Douay: 158.2 metres @ 1.25 g/t Au, including 52 metres @ 3.53 g/t Au

The Next “Super Pit” Gold Project In Canada
Matthew Hornor continues: We still have more than 9,000 assays at the lab that we are awaiting to receive results, and should have them within the next few weeks, but today’s results indicates that this particular zone widens, and may extend well beyond the currently defined zone, and with much higher grades. In addition to the 158 meters of 1.25 grams per tonne, we also had a 52 meter intercept at 3.53 grams per tonne and 21 meter of 7.87 grams. We are now extremely confident that this project will be the next “Super Pit” gold project in Canada.

Eric King: “Matthew, this was your quote from today’s release:

“This interval appears to represent one of the 5th best intervals in the entire 760+ drill-hole database and the best intercept reported from the Porphyry Zone to-date.” Hornor added, “We are very pleased to receive such a positive result with only a fraction (~25%) of the assays received to-date, and one that indicates this particular zone widens and may extend beyond the currently-defined zone with higher grades.”

Matthew Hornor: “As I mentioned earlier, we still have 9,000 assays at the lab and we we will be releasing results for the new few months. This means there will be a great deal of news still to come in terms of drill results.

Eric, I know that you have purchased 1.5 million shares of Maple Gold and there are many other KWN readers that have also purchased shares. We encourage all KWN readers around the world to go to maplegoldmines.com to review today’s drill results in detail as well as the photos that are contained in today’s release. We would also encourage them to reach out to the company, they can call Joness Lang directly at (778)686-6836.”

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