Look at what is happening in China and the US and how it will impact gold.

Another Bullish Gold Catalyst
November 18 (King World News)
Topdown Charts: 
China shipping rates are breaking out (see chart below).

Shipping Costs From China Surging Dramatically

1. Demand is recovering (reopening + stimulus).

2. Supply chain/logistics disruption is clearly evident.

3. Backlogs/inventory issues continue to linger.

Expect an ongoing recovery in global trade volumes, and upside pressure on inflation

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One More Gold Catalyst
King World News note:  If you look at the chart below it shows the US Dollar Index heading lower for 4+ more years in this current cycle. This will be very bullish for gold and silver prices.

US Dollar Heading Lower For 4+ More Years

King World News note:  This is why it is so important to own physical gold and silver to preserve your wealth. And remember, gold is in a bull market vs all fiat currencies, not just the US dollar.

Best in 40 Years…

John Awde:  Eric, we just discovered a new high-grade oxide zone at Pinion. We announced those results last week. Some of the highlights were 77 meters at 2.3 grams per tonne gold. Within that there was 38 meters of 4.5 grams of gold. This is all oxide and this is all new. And with regards to the results at Pinion, it was 3-4 times higher than what we had seen in the resource estimate. So that new zone is going to be material and very impactful for Pinion.

Massive Intercept At Dark Star
And this morning we announced drill results from Dark Star highlighted by 231 meters of 2.66 grams of gold. This is very high-grade and extremely robust. The announcement this morning proves that Dark Star is the gift that keeps on giving. That 231 meter result was a truly spectacular intercept.

Best In 40 Years
By the way, Eric, the results we just announced at Pinion were the best ever in the history of Pinion and it was discovered almost 40 years ago. We feel the best is yet to come at Pinion given these intercepts. And we have extended the mineralization at Dark Star 60 meters to the east, and I’m pleased to report that these were intercepts that were right at surface. We believe these results at both Dark Star and Pinion prove there is a lot more gold to be found, so stay tuned. Gold Standard Ventures, symbol GSV in Canada and the US.

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