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40 Years Of US Interest Rates
October 24 (King World News) – King World News note:  Below is a 40 year chart of US interest rates.

US Home Prices
Eric Basmajian at EPB Research:
  Home prices… Will they fall? What about supply? Here’s some data on supply and how it impacts home prices…

Right now, most people are suggesting that supply in the US housing market is very tight. To some extent, this is true. The months supply of total US housing is just over 4. Anything below 5 signals a “tight” market.

Housing Supply Is Still “Tight”

This monthly supply number, however, is made of newly constructed homes & existing homes. Normally, the monthly supply of new & existing homes are closely linked but today there is a major divergence The supply of new homes is soaring while the existing market stays tight.

Existing Home Inventory (GREEN LINE) “Tight” While New Inventory (BLACK LINE) High

Many existing homeowners locked in low mortgage rates and are refusing to sell. This keeps the existing market very tight. Homebuilders, however, can’t sell a new home with no existing mortgage at 7% rates and have to start cutting prices to move swelling inventory.

We know that prices are falling for new homes & this makes sense as supply for builders is high. I don’t see how prices will fall sharply for new homes without impacting the mark of existing homes since the two are relatively close substitutes. Builders are price setters…

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Canadian Home Prices
  Canadian home prices saw a record monthly decline in September.

Canadian Home Prices Show Largest Monthly Decline In The Past 20+ Years

Violent US Dollar Trading
  USD rates implied volatility is the highest since the financial crisis.

US Dollar Volatility Highest Since Great Financial Crisis

Commodity Bull Will Increase Future Inflation
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The commodities bull market should last at least 10 years from 2020 low. It is and will be glorious. When CBs move from hiking+QT to cutting/YCC+QE, plus the bull markets in general equities+bonds are accepted to be history, global capital flows into the space will be historical.

Data Back To 1928
Charlie Bilello:
  With total return data going back to 1928… 
Number of years in which both the S&P 500 and 10-Year Treasury Bond were down? 

5 –> 1931, 1941, 1969, 2018, 2022 

Number of years in which both the S&P 500 and 10-Year Treasury Bond were down more than 10%? 

1 –> 2022

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