Today one of the legends in the busines, Felix Zulauf, issued a frightening warning to King World News that the world is going to experience 5 years of brutal crisis and chaos.  The 20-year Barron's Roundtable panelist also issued a dire warning about what to expect in the coming 5-year period of intense crisis and chaos.

Felix Zulauf:  “We have zero percent interest rates in Europe.  We have plenty of liquidity in the system but they have decided to add another 1.1 trillion euros to the system over the next over the next 15 – 18 months.  This is a desperate move to weaken the currency even  more — to finally create inflation that should help to relieve the high debt situation.  It won’t work….

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“You will see that the economy may have an uptick from 0.5 percent growth to 0.8 percent growth but this is not going to improve the situation at all — with GDP in Spain and Italy down from the 2007 peak by 25 percent or so.  This is a depression.  What's going on is a depression.”

KWN Zulauf 1:30:2015

Eric King:  “Felix, what could go wrong that would risk the entire global financial system?”

Zulauf:  “What could go wrong is the weakest link in the chain someday breaks and we have a chain reaction through the system.  Then the system goes down.  That’s a real risk.  I think we will see some breaks, and then we will see forced restructuring due to chaos because policymakers are not prepared for what’s ahead.

5 Terrifying Years Of Crisis And Chaos

We will probably have 5 years of crisis and chaos, where breaks are there, where restructuring of government debt comes, where capital controls are getting introduced, where currency reforms come, etc.  For such a world, you have to prepare ahead (of this catastrophic crisis).

KWN Sprott III 1:28:2015

You have to know how to be positioned when the storm begins.  You have to understand what is the best jurisdiction to be in.  You have to understand where you want to have your assets.  You have to understand what sort of assets you want to own.  So you have to prepare ahead.

It's Important To Survive And Come Out A Winner

You have to be aware of the fact that we will all get wet.  When the storm hits, we will all get wet.  The most important thing is not to stand where the lightening hits, not to stand where the flooding hits, and not to stand where the mountains come down.  We will all get wet but if you do not stand in those three major areas where the big trouble spots are, then you come out as a winner, and that’s important.” Felix Zulauf's remarkable audio interview has now been released! To listen CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW. The written interviews only contain 5 percent of what is in his outstanding audio interview. Zulauf reveals where the best jurisdictions are to live, where you should have your assets, what sort of assets to own and what surprises to expect in the gold, bond and stock markets in 2015 and beyond.

King World News - Felix Zulauf - MP3

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