On the heels of the stock market crashing more than 35% from its highs, legend Pierre Lassonde just made a remarkable prediction regarding gold and the crash in the Dow.

Another Day, Another Record
March 21 (
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King World News note:  The Gold/Oil ratio just skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping 75/1!!

Gold/Oil Ratio Skyrockets To Record 75/1!!

Pierre Lassonde On Gold & Stock Market Crash
From legend Pierre Lassonde:
  “Eric, you should be really be harping on the Dow/Gold ratio chart!  From a high of over 20 to one it’s now 12.5 to 1 and going to ONE to ONE!

Be Very Long Gold Equities
With the MASSIVE amounts of money printing we are witnessing I am 100% confident that we will see that one to one ratio in the next few years.  Be VERY long gold equities.”  Below is the 100-year Dow/Gold ratio chart Pierre is referencing.

Pierre Lassonde Predicts Dow/Gold Ratio
Will Collapse From 12.5/1 To 1/1

After seeing the Dow/Gold ratio chart published on KWN (above), Pierre Lassonde sent the following communication…

“Eric!  Great stuff my friend.  Compare this cycle to the ’67 to 1980 cycle.  Very similar in shape.
From a high of 28 to 1 in 1967 the ratio bottomed at 3 to 1 in the first move then bounced back to 9 to 1 before going 1-1 in 1980 when gold hit $800.
This time around from a high of 42 to 1 to a low of 7 to 1 it then bounced back to 22 to 1 and now will collapse to 1 to 1!  Very similar pattern indeed saved that this time it took 5 years for the bounce back vs less than 2 years last time.  Everything else is the same.”

Regarding the crash in oil prices…

INSANE: Another Day, Yet Another Record
Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank:
  C’Boe’s oil VIX has hit a new record at at 184%. Traders see oil demand falling 10-20 million barrels/day in March and April (BBG). The daily WTI AVT (14-day) has jumped to $5.4/b – I can only think of one word: INSANE (see stunning chart below).

Oil VIX Just Hit An All-Time Record At 188!

King World News note:  Pierre Lassonde has repeatedly pointed out that a skyrocketing Gold/Oil ratio is incredibly bullish for the high-quality gold mining companies because 20-28% of their input costs are related to oil!

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