(King World News) – After a wild start to the 2018 trading year, here is the key for gold, the US dollar, oil, and something we haven’t seen in 10 years!

First time we have seen this in 10 years!


WARNING: All-time record commercial short position in crude oil


As for gold, it will continue to trade inverse to the US dollar, which is now teetering on the edge of collapse (see chart below).

GOLD BULLISH: US Dollar now teetering on the edge of collapse


The Bottom Line For Gold And The Dollar
The bottom line is that if the US Dollar Index breaks the key support at 90 – 91 level, the index will tumble all the way to 84 (at a minimum).  Dollar bulls had better pull it together quickly or the buck will plunge nearly 10% in a hurry.  Of course this will be extremely bullish for gold and silver if this unfolds.  Regardless, the bullish catalysts are in place for gold and silver to see big gains in 2018.

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