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September 30 (King World News) – Richard Russell wrote this years ago, predicting everything from robots displacing workers by the millions, to the trouble elderly people face retiring and what will trigger “the greatest bull market in gold ever seen.”:  “The founding fathers mistrusted a government where the government holds all the guns and the citizens have no guns. Personally, I’d rather live in a nation where the citizens have guns and the government is underarmed. I would not want to live in a country where the government has the guns and the citizens do not.

KWN Russell I 11:17:2015

One of the first things the Nazis did in Germany was take away all the guns of the citizens. This meant that the government could do anything it wanted while the citizens were unable to object. As a Jew, I am fearful of a government that has all the guns with the citizens all unarmed.

I read ten newspapers a day, but the news is getting increasingly difficult to digest down to something understandable, and the vast array of news sources becomes more and more complex. I can only imagine what the newspapers will look like ten years from now.

New Inventions To Displace Millions Of Workers
The world is caught up in an amazing array of new items. Every day we hear about some new invention that is changing the world as we know it. I wrote before that the age of retirement will be history, and new inventions will displace workers by the millions. To retire requires a large amount of savings, and the way the world is working now it’s becoming almost impossible to save. 

King World News - Richard Russell Says Americans Are Scared To Death As He Declares What Will Confirm New Bull Market In Gold

This Will Trigger The Greatest Bull Market In Gold
The end of capitalism will be due to the unbelievable amount of debt that is currently being created. This will create monster inflation that will destroy every currency. The only currency that cannot be destroyed is gold. When investors realize this, we’ll have the makings of the greatest bull market in gold ever seen.”

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Greyerz – Own Gold, Not Cryptos Or ETFs In A Global Meltdown
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