As we come to the end of 2018, here is a portion of an extremely important note from legendary newsletter writer, Mr. James Dines:

Mass Psychology Of Sheep Following Sheep
December 30
King World News
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James Dines: 
“… Bearishness could also be due to the Mass Psychology of sheep following sheep. Most stock trading is no longer done by human traders, who have ceded control to computer algorithms that are quick-to-sell when signals or stops are triggered. Stock buyers seeking to buy funds of all kinds might naively assume they could sell as easily as they had bought. A blunder last experienced only 10 years ago during the 2008 crash, when large volumes led to some stocks being suspended from trading due to so many more sellers than buyers…

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James Dines continues:  “… Gravity still rules. Don’t be the last one to sell near rock bottom: artificial intelligence (AI) is no match for natural stupidity.”

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