The last time this happened the price of gold soared 25X and silver skyrocketed 38X, but here is another bullish surprise.

A Copper Bullish Surprise
July 27 (King World News) –
Gianni Kovacevic:
  Copper warehouse levels Shanghai Futures Exchange: January 2018 to Summer 2021 (see chart below).

Copper Warehouse Levels Plummeted In Shanghai!

Copper Getting Ready To Takeoff
Meanwhile… the past few months speculators lost interest in the red metal… but the price stayed well above $4 bucks. What happens next? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of copper decoupling from oil (see chart below).

Copper Long Positions (RED) Have Been Liquidated

DowGoldEquals1:  An arc confirmation and around-the-apex move that targets All-Time-High (for silver) in 2022?

Forget The Noise, Silver Heading To All-Time High

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We Are In A Hairy 1970s-Style Stagflation

“Prices Paid” Component Hits All-Time High!

“Prices Received” Also Skyrocketing!

Finally, Wages Also Skyrocketing!

What Does This Mean For Gold & Silver?
King World News note:  This kind of 1970s-style stagflation was the economic environment that caused the price of gold to soar 25X and silver to skyrocket 38X higher in price. I cannot stress enough how gold and silver friendly this setup is, so disregard the volatility and “be right, and sit tight.”

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