On the heels of continued propaganda from the Federal Reserve, today John Embry told King World News that the “Deep State” shadow government is hard at work in financial markets right now.

John Embry:  “Eric, as you know, we are in an extremely quiet period here in late summer, which allows the usual suspects to push markets around…

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As I said a week or so ago, everything is being done to assure Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the U.S. Presidency, and quiet periods like this make the manipulation of markets by the powers that be that much easier.

World Economy Imploding But Propaganda Is Alive & Well
However, in the real world things continue to deteriorate.  In the last few days it has been announced that Apple iphone demand is plunging, Caterpillar has experienced a 20 percent year-over-year revenue decline, Cisco is laying off 20 percent of it s global workforce, etc, etc.

King World News - Paul Craig Roberts - Corruption, Propaganda And Why The U.S. Government Won't Answer My Letter

The world economy is slowly imploding.  And the only positive news tends to be government inspired propaganda, which doesn’t stand up to serious analysis.  As you well know, the vast majority of QE-inspired money expansion in the last few years has gone into financial assets and real estate, creating historical bubbles in stocks, bonds, and property, while doing remarkably little for the real economy.

This is clearly unsustainable as the stagnant economy will not ultimately be able to support these valuations.  I have always believed that the authorities will opt for an inflationary outcome, risking global hyperinflation rather than triggering a debt deflation of terrifying proportions.  Under that scenario, the major asset category that is most at risk is bonds.  Some $13 trillion of bonds is currently carrying negative interest rates around the globe, with the promise of even more in the future.  This will be seen in retrospect as one of the most bizarre times in financial history.

Stocks and real estate may be seriously overvalued today, but in most instances they represent real assets, and I believe they will retain value much better than bonds, bank deposits, etc.  However, gold and silver bullion, and their respective equities, represent by far the best value at the current time.

King World News - John Embry Warns The 'Deep State' Shadow Government Is Hard At Work In Financial MarketsThe “Deep State” Is Hard At Work
Thus, not surprisingly, the ‘Deep State’ is doing their utmost to suppress them, while supporting bonds, stocks, and real estate.  This represents a historic opportunity to buy physical gold, silver, and their respective shares.  And with the blatant weakness generated in the sector in the last few days, prior to the Jackson Hole meeting and option expiry, their attraction is enhanced.  Do not hesitate to buy them at this point.”

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