As the world awaits tomorrow’s Fed decision, today John Embry spoke with King World News about the key to surviving the destruction of the current monetary system.

John Embry:  Eric, I think this should be an interesting week with the Fed meeting taking place tomorrow, and a Japanese monetary meeting taking place simultaneously.  I really think the Fed is so out of touch with reality that nothing would shock me…

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John Embry continues:  I will say that the last thing the United States needs at this time is an administered rate hike. 

The Japanese situation is perhaps more fascinating.  They have essentially been battling deflation for a quarter century, following their epic asset inflation of the 1980s.  Initially it was easier to do because the rest of the world economy remained buoyant, particularly China and the rest of Asia. This permitted the Japanese to wrestle with their internal problems with less negative influences externally.  

Now, however, the whole world is struggling, with Japan’s problems more pressing if not terminal.  Their staggering government debt burden in conjunction with a moribund economy as well as a shrinking, aging, xenophobic population, is a major problem.  The problems are so severe that a viable solution seems impossible.

KWN Greyerz I 5:9:2016The Destruction Of The Yen
Thus I would expect further monetary excesses that will end with the destruction of the yen.  However, in many ways the Japanese issues are just a forerunner for those facing the world as a whole, where debt is absolutely out of control, monetary policy is absurd, and the destruction of the present global currency system is virtually assured.

I’m sure that most people can’t grasp Egon von Greyerz’s recent price predictions for gold and silver because of their magnitude.  In reality, they will probably come to pass because gold and silver are monetary constants and the fiat paper currencies in which they are denominated are on the verge of destruction.

Thus, I continue to find it remarkable that some people remain negative on gold and silver.  I suspect it relates to the terrible, counterintuitive price action in recent years, which is solely due to the relentless price suppression scheme involving the Western governments and their central banks as well as the Bank for International Settlements and their allied bullion banks.

King World News - The Secret Operation Behind Closed Doors And A Clear Sign The Monetary System Is Now In DangerKey To Surviving Destruction Of The Current System
This suppression scheme has been done in an attempt to sustain the current monetary system, with the U.S. dollar at its core as the world’s reserve currency.  As we approach the inevitable end of this, gold, silver, and their respective equities are most assuredly going to come to the fore.  And I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have exposure to the sector.”

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