You won’t believe these stunning charts hitting all-time highs after the Fed’s retreat from QT this week.  They are truly unbelievable.

Stunning Charts
January 31 (King World News) – The following commentary and stunning charts are from Charlie Bilello:  The horrific bond bear market of 2017-18 (-3.6% decline) is over. Aggregate bond ETF back at new all-time highs.

STUNNING: What Bond Bear Market? Bond ETF Just Hit New All-Time High!

Real Estate
Real Estate is first S&P sector to recover its correction losses & hit a new all-time high. Elevator down (-13%), Elevator up (+16%).

JAW-DROPPING: What Real Estate Bear Market? Real Estate ETF Just Hit New All-Time High!

All-Time Highs For Corporate High Yields
US High Yield bonds hit new highs. Staircase down, Elevator up.

INCREDIBLE: What Junk Bond Bear Market? High Yield Bond ETF Just Hit New All-Time High!

Fantasy World
King World News note:  It is shocking to see the fantasy world that the Fed has created with over a decade of money printing and currency debasement.  It makes one wonder what the chart of gold will look like once the cocaine high wears off and investors around the world realize how dangerous this unprecedented monetary experiment has been.  One thing is certain, at some point this will end in tears for those that cling to the belief that central banks are omnipotent.

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