After another wild week of trading that saw gold and silver end the week very strong, in one of his most powerful interviews ever James Turk told King World News that the silver bull market formation looks to be repeating the historic skyrocket in silver prices in the 1970s.

Silver Short Squeeze?
August 24 (King World News) – Eric King:  “James, you sent me this chart of silver showing the multiple flag formations.  Can you talk about what means for silver?  You’ve hinted we may see a short squeeze in the silver market as soon as next week.  But on a longer term basis, the upward trend in the silver market.”

Silver Repeating Action From Massive 1970s Bull Market
James Turk:
  “These flag formations are sort of important (see chart below).

HI-HO SILVER: Repeated Flag Formations Similar To Massive 1970s Silver Bull Market

We Are Going To See The Same Thing This Time
It shows that after an uptrend, silver consolidates and then it breaks out of that flag pattern into another uptrend, followed by another consolidation.  
And it brings back memories of the big bull market in silver in the 1970s.  It (silver) would form one flag pattern after another and just keep going higher and higher.  And my expectation is that we are going to see the same thing again this time.  It’s…To continue listening to one of James Turk’s best audio interviews ever CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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