At the end of a week that saw the Dow and Nasdaq see some short covering, James Dines discusses gold, silver and the coming storm.

Mass Psychology
March 10 (King World News) – James Dines:  
“Debt is your enemy.  Get rid of it.  Get off margin.  Also, since the basis of this trouble looks to be a type of debt and currency, imagine the mass psychology of investors when trouble gets more obvious than it is now.  Listen, I wrote the book on Mass Psychology and my guess is they are going to look for safe havens to move their money to keep their capital safe — what they call ‘temporary safe haven investing.’  And there is nowhere else to go but gold and silver.   And that’s the truth.  Everything else is in danger.  And by luck the mass has still not discovered that gold and silver are cheap.  So you can drink upstream from the herd and then wait for the stampede into the ultimate safest currency, which is gold.  So some cash, gold and silver should be considered as urgent protection against…To continue listening to one of Mr. James Dines’ greatest interviews ever CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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