As the turmoil in emerging markets continues, is this really forecasting a jaw-dropping 40-fold surge in the price of silver?

June 19 (King World News)This is from analyst David P. from Europe:  Silver is currently in a very large triangle formation that looks similar to the one we saw in 1970 before the final bottom in the price, see chart below:

Silver broke down in 1971, then skyrocketed 5-fold in 1972-1973

Back then (1971), silver broke down and investors who only looked at the technical picture might have sold their positions before the historic rise…

To listen to 
billionaire Eric Sprott discuss his prediction for skyrocketing silver
as well as his top silver pick

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From the low in 1971 to the $50 high in 1980, the price of silver soared 40-times higher (see long-term chart below)!

After 1971 low, the price of silver skyrocketed 40-times higher!

King World News note:  What does David’s silver chart look like today? (See below).

Will the silver price break lower once again before skyrocketing?

King World News note:  Will the silver price break lower once again before skyrocketing?  Only time will tell.  

David P.  had this final note:  Regardless, in my opinion, a breakdown in the silver chart should be bought since the fundamentals look better than ever, as in 1971.”

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