Market Chaos has been unbelievable lately as reckless central bankers are pushing the world toward gold, a silver lining, plus one heck of a collapse.

Reckless Central Bankers Pushing The World Toward Gold
August 8 (
King World News) – Peter Schiff:  “The world’s central bankers are now setting into motion events that will lead to their own demise. They are ushering in the most inflationary period in world history. Only a return the gold standard will put out the fire. So at least there is a silver lining to this cloud!”

Ah, The Good Old Days…
Sven Henrich: 
“Bernanke would’ve launched QE already.”

Great Recession vs Today
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute:  “The recovery in wealth from the Great Recession took different forms depending on where you were in the US wealth distribution! (See below).

SHOCKING: Look At The Uneven Recovery Since The Great Recession

This Can’t Be Happening
Jeroen Blokland:
  “As of today, the average yield on all outstanding Eurozone government bonds (included in the Bloomberg Barclays Euro Agg Treasury Index) is NEGATIVE! (See below).

UNBELIEVABLE: Average Yield On All Eurozone Bonds Just Went Negative!

One Heck Of A Collapse
Nadia Gharbi, Economist at Pictet Wealth Management: 
“On a quarterly basis, industrial production fell by 1.8% q-o-q in Q2, the worst quarter since Q4 2012. (See below).

Biggest Industrial Production Collapse Since 2012!

New Zealand, India & Thailand Want In On The Action
Frederik Ducrozet, 
Economist & Global Macro Strategist:  “New Zealand, India and Thailand join the club. A net percentage of 43% of central banks in the BIS sample have cut rates over the past six months, or will be cutting by September (18 cutting; 17 on hold; 2 hiking). (See below).

GLOBAL EASING: Rates Cuts Are Happening Across The Globe

$1,500 Gold Is Cheap
Peter Schiff:
  “Gold just traded above $1,500. With central bankers determined to create more inflation, soon people will realize just how cheap $1,500 gold is. If you’re smart you will not wait to buy yours.”

Gold Spike, Plus Albert Edwards Warns About Global Financial “Ice Age”
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