We are about to see a historic and massive silver upside overshoot with sentiment at rock bottom, plus a look at gold.

Silver Overshoot On The Way
February 1 (
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) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Very big picture there is a massive divergence between GOLD & SILVER. Last time the two had a larger divergence like this, silver played catch-up big time. And this time, silver will break out of a 43-year+ cup and handle. So the over-shoot this time should be absolutely mega.

Silver About To Begin Mega Outperforming Gold, Expect Red Line (SILVER) To Break Above (ORANGE LINE) Gold (SEE 2 PREVIOUS OVERSHOOTS)

Gold Breakout
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold has broken out on quarterly and is still holding its backtest, plus holding above 2000 level. As said, the longer this breakout holds, the more likely the third huge bull phase has begun. Still, sector sentiment is getting worse, which is just what we want to see now.

With Sentiment At Rock Bottom: Gold Is Performing Beautifully, Ready To Accelerate Higher

Gold vs Money Supply
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  This chart clearly shows how undervalued GOLD is relative to the US currency supply.

Imagine The Revaluation For The Price Of Gold That Is In Front Of Us (PURPLE LINE)

So gold has a very long way to go compared to M2.

And silver will outperform gold.

And silver miners will outperform silver. Plus everything else really.

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