With gold futures tumbling to the $2,000 area, currently trading down over $27 to $2,005, and silver weakened to just above the $22 level, the mining stocks have been hit hard today. Remember, always focus on the big picture when there are periods of significant volatility.

Silver & Gold
February 13 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  SILVER GOLD – watching this historical inflection point??

Gold now has a huge breakout above blue lines. And sitting just below red resistance line 2020 ATH at 2089.20. So gold is squeezed.

SILVER: Silver Remains Inside Blue Channel Waiting To Breakout
GOLD: Even With Today’s Pullback, Gold Still Above Massive Breakout (BLUE LINE)

Silver is sitting just below its massive 13-year blue breakout line.

Note, silver already has the false breakout done, so the counter move to gather energy is already done…

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“Inflation Is Our Top Priority”
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Fed repeats “Inflation is our top priority.” They must, but if it was, Washington would not set goal at 2%, raise debt ceiling a 79th time, change CPI definition continuously, print trillions at will, balloon Fed balance sheet etc.

And, this chart would not look like this.

Inflation Has Been Rampant Since Nixon Took US Off Gold Standard (RED DOTTED LINE)

Fiat Collapse Continues
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Major FIAT currencies are in a losing parabolic run vs gold.  Standard currency FX pair charts does not reveal the debasing of FIAT currencies.  Need to measure currencies vs gold.  All below have broken out.  And all signs are there for gold in USD to follow.

Gold Priced In Euros

Gold Priced In Chinese Yuan

Gold Priced In Canadian Dollars

Gold Priced In Australian Dollars

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