With the price of gold and silver tumbling today, here is an extremely short, but important gold and silver update.

Gold & Silver
September 25 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  “Most bounces (b-wave) for left translated daily cycles in precious metals last for 7-10 trading days. Gold is now on 5, silver on 8. Silver got a topping candle yesterday. MACD has really not reacted on this bounce on both = probably not much follow through left in the move. If we have a normal IC decline we should hit at least fib 50%.

This Was Graddhy’s Gold Chart Prior To Today’s Breakdown, Suggesting That Gold Had Topped Graddhy Expects Pullback In Gold May Hit $1,420 Before Correction Ends

This Was Graddhy’s Silver Chart Prior To Today’s Breakdown, Suggesting That Silver Had Seen A False Breakout (FBO) Yesterday And Had Topped
Graddhy Expects Much Sharper Pullback Before Correction Ends

Remain Patient During This Decline
King World News note: If Graddhy is correct, it may be wise to let the decline fully mature in both gold and silver before adding to any positions in the mining stocks. For those of you who dollar cost average into physical gold and silver, stay disciplined and continue to make your purchases at the same time each month. Do not get cute and try to time the market.

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Celente – Gold To Surge Well Above $2,000 Before Greatest Depression Strikes
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