It has become clear to investors around the world that the global economic collapse will not see a recovery. This has the price of gold has surging to the $1,900 level, within dollars of the all-time high.

KWN audio interview with legend Pierre Lassonde has now been released!

“This Economy Is Not Coming Back”
July 23 (King World News) Gerald Celente:
  “Looking at what’s going on in the world economy.  Let’s start with America.  The Jobs Report came out and it shows no progress.  And look at the reports from all of the airlines — American, United, Delta — collapsing in terms of air travel.  And now you see 60% of Americans are not going to go and renew their gym memberships.  We are in the Greatest Depression.  And it’s not COVID that caused this.  It’s governments shutting down people’s businesses that caused this.  In hundreds of years people will look back and say ‘2020, that’s when life changed on earth.’

This economy is not coming back.  A few months ago all of the liberals said, ‘It’s going to come back. It will bounce back.’  And now they are locking down more and more places around the country and around the world, from Barcelona to California, all over the world.

And here’s a fact that nobody wants to talk about: the Centers for Disease Control, as reported in Wednesday’s New York Times, says, ‘Their study found that cases of infection were 13-times higher than what’s being reported now.’  So they are saying there are 4 million cases (already reported) multiplied by 13.  What do you have?  52 million cases of COVID19.  Okay, so there are 146,000 dead out of 52 million.  Your survival rate is 99.72%.

And yet they destroyed the economy over this!  This economy is not coming back.  Businesses are ruined.  People are afraid.  All over the world they are afraid.

Gold Within Dollars Of Its All-Time High: Look For Silver To Rocket Higher
So that’s why you see gold and silver going up, because all of the central banks, all of the governments, are pumping in this digital trash (fiat money), backed by nothing and printed on nothing.  And what are you going to do, go into a safe haven bond as yields go negative?  No.  The future is gold and silver.  And as I learned from Eric King on King World News, silver is where the big spike is going to happen.  And my forecast is when gold breaks over $2,000 an ounce, silver rockets higher.”

Legend Pierre Lassonde gave an an incredibly powerful interview to King World News discussing where the gold market, gold industry, and mining stocks are headed, and what he had to say will surprise a lot of people around the world. To find out why legend Pierre Lassonde says the upside on gold is unlimited and much more click here or on the image below.

48-Year Veteran: Record Level Gold & Silver Buying
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