A tidal wave of money is going to pour into this sector and it will ignite gold and silver prices.

Commodities vs Dow
March 22 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Finding the most promising larger trends is key to both swing/position trading and for long term investing. This ratio has just confirmed my FBO call by closing back inside my 60 year blue falling wedge again. The age of commodities has started. (See chart below).

The Age Of Commodities Has Started

The Only Game In Town
After the probable, as it looks right now, final 4-10 months blow-off in the making in general equities, commodities will be the only game in town. And the tidal wave of capital that will move to commodities then will be more than historical…

This company just made a gold acquisition that is worth 7-8 times what they paid for it and is now set up for monster upside in 2021! To learn more click here or on the image below.

Gold vs CRB
Gold has been leading the commodities complex during the last 20 years. That is what we want to see for a sustained precious metals secular bull market. They have been taking turns since the 2020 March crash low, but gold will take leadership once again. (See chart below).

Gold Will Take Leadership Once Again

GDX vs Gold
This ratio chart is showing a pink bull flag finishing up, having backtested my very long term blue trend lines. So it is compressing its spring, with huge volume thin zone above. Looking good. (See chart below).

Mining Stocks To Dramatically Outperform Gold

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