As we kickoff the month of December, gold may be set to shine once again but this should certainly trigger a monster rally in the gold market.

Gold Set To Shine Again?
December 2 (King World News) – Top Citi analyst Tom Fitzpatrick:  “On Friday Gold posted a bullish outside day with a setup very similar to when a bullish outside day was posted on the last trading day in May after a 3 month consolidation. This led to a double bottom and a triangle breakout in subsequent days. Ultimately a strong 3 month rally ensued…

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Levels to watch this time, in that respect, are $1,479 and then $1,496. A break of this range, if seen, would suggest the potential for a similar development again (see chart below).

Breakout Above Key Levels At $1,479 And $1,496 Should Trigger A Monster Rally In The Gold Market

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