Gold has now broken out! Silver is attempting to break out, how times have changed, plus a stunning chart.

Fiat Money Collapsing vs Gold
July 20 (King World News) – James Turk:
  How good is your country’s currency? Great chart showing gold % gain since 2001 against major currencies. Viewed another way, in 2001 a goldgram bought 3 bushels of wheat. Today it buys 10 bushels. Similar results for silver too. Hold physical precious metal for your savings.

STUNNING CHART! Gold’s % Gain vs Major Fiat Currencies

How Times Have Changed!
Fred Hickey: 
“Wasn’t long ago that all good news from gold&silver miners was ignored. Today, it’s exactly opposite. PAAS announced 2 mines shut due to COVID cases and stock is UP $1.20 (3.5%) this A.M. These aren’t PAAS’s biggest mines, but still…how times have changed!”…

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Silver Attempting To Break Out
Graddy out of Sweden: 
Silver is trying to break out above that 19.75-85 level right now, just as anticipated. And we now have a yellow inverse h&s fueling the move. As said, IF we take out old resistance at 21 fast, we MIGHT have a chance for an extended move to maybe 24-25 for this IC. (See below).

If Silver Can Break Out, Look For Quick Surge To $21
Then Extended Move To $24-25

A Golden Move
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
Also gold has now broken above its yellow trend line. Looks like a somewhat sloppy end around the apex move. (See below).

Gold Has Now Broken Out!

Greyerz – Massive Shortage Of Physical Gold In Futures Markets & LBMA
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