When it comes to the gold bull market, everyone around the world should be watching this right now.

Bear Market US Dollar Rally Soon
September 3 (King World News) – Ronnie Stoeferle:
  Hedge funds continue to boost their bets on the euro. When this crowded trade reverses, the selloff is going to be brutal…(see below).

Hedge Funds Will Get Destroyed On Euro Long Trade

Gold & The US Dollar
King World News note:  KWN readers around the world need to keep an eye on the gold price when the US dollar rally unfolds. If the gold price continues to hold the $1,900-$1,920 support, that would be incredibly bullish. Remember the 9-year breakout to new all-time highs took place at $1,923, which is why that area has been so strong in terms of support.

It’s Rare But It Happens
King World News note continues: Regarding a US dollar rally and its impact on the gold price, remember that gold is in a bull market vs all global fiat currencies. What that means is there will be times where the US dollar and gold rally together. This is rare but it happens. Regardless, gold is heading tremendously higher as we continue through this leg of the bull market preceding the ultimate manic phase, and the important thing is not to lose your positions early on in a major bull market…

Silver Bulls
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Banks Cutting Credit
Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab:
  Banks cutting credit card limits at fastest rate for those who rely most on credit cards; doesn’t bode well for households in precarious financial situations, especially if additional government benefits stop flowing (see below).

Credit Card Limits Reduced For Riskiest Borrowers

Shocking And Hard To Believe
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