It appears the gold bull is preparing to stampede as the Metal of Kings has already broken out in may foreign currencies.

November 8 (King World News) – Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy at Saxo Bank: 
Gold – Despite reaching a two-month high on Friday, total ETF holdings fell to a fresh 18-month low at 3049 tons. Lack of momentum and low VIX keeping asset managers sidelined with limited belief in lower real yields. A break above $1835 the min. requirement for a closer look.

Watch For Gold ETF Holdings To Increase

Gold Bull
Garic Moran:  Technically speaking, the 15 month consolidation in the price of Gold in US dollars continues to form the handle of a bullish long-term cup and handle formation.

Gold’s Long-Term Cup & Handle Formation

Graddhy out of Sweden:  After the expected pullback we are now up against that purple inverse head & shoulders neckline, which everybody sees. Gold moved above 22nd Oct candle high this Friday, and we want silver to follow. Maybe one more pullback to 50 day moving average.

Ignore The Volatility, Silver Poised To Soar

Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold in these major currencies broke out in synced fashion last week, most probably front-running a breakout in XAU (mining stock index). Note that the top of those yellow triangles is the Aug 2020 top, i.e. the upper trend line was the long term resistance line.

Gold Has Already Broken Out In Many Foreign Currencies!

What To Do In This Inflation
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  When I called the commodities bear market low back in April 2020, I also said it will be the start for real inflation. And it was.

– buy tangible assets
– look at fixed mortgage rates
– reevaluate real estate holdings when inflation >12%
– buy commodity stocks
– do not hold cash

To learn which company billionaire Eric Sprott bought a
$10 million stake in
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Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The Silver all-time high is not around $50, it is $806. In 1998 dollar value. I just love this chart. My realistic price target for silver is $370. But could $800 happen briefly when silver goes ballistic at the end of the bull market? Absolutely.

Gold Has Outperformed Stocks
Email from KWN reader Walter S:  This is for all you brilliant stock Investors that cannot understand why anyone would own Gold in the 21st Century. Not Bad for Barbaric Relics!  Walter from Atlanta

                         Jan 3rd 2000… Gold $290    Today approx $1800  6.2x higher

                         Jan 3rd 2000….Dow 11,357  Today approx 36,327  3.2x higher

                         Jan 3rd 2000….S&P  1,455    Today approx  4,697  3.3x higher

                         Jan 3rd 2000…..Nasdaq 4,131 Today approx 15,971  3.9x higher

This Can’t End Well
The Daily Shot:
  The daily notional value of all US single-stock options trades hit a record high. With all the gamma exposure in the market, the gap down isn’t going to be pretty.

Daily Notional Value Of US Single Stock Options
Shatters Previous Record!

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***To listen to the remarkable audio interview with Matthew Piepenburg where he discusses why the Inflation Tsunami and Gold are about to rock the world CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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