Gold has now decisively broken out of a 17 month consolidation pattern!

Golden Breakout
February 11
King World News
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James Turk:
  Both precious metals continued to move higher after we finished our interview, Eric, so I wanted to provide this update. Importantly, gold hurdled resistance at the $1850 level we were discussing, which was the high price it reached in January. It’s another step higher in its uptrend as seen on the following spot gold chart.

Gold Decisively Breaks Out Of 17 Month Consolidation!

The Precious Metals Bull Market Has Finally Resumed
The shares of the mining companies had a good day too. We know the reasons why gold and silver are likely to head higher, and we have been waiting patiently for their next leg to higher prices. So with inflation continuing to worsen, we should assume that the precious metals bull market has finally resumed.

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