With Coronavirus fears accelerating, gold is at all-time highs priced in euros, but look at the US dollar price target!

Gold Bull
February 10 (King World News) –
Graddhy out of Sweden:  “My blue triangle bull flag is sitting right on my support line (thick black), which is extra bullish, plus confirming my line as main resistance. Posted PO (Price Objective) $1700-1800 for this IC (Intermediate Cycle) on 4th Dec. Think blue triangle is halfway pattern with PO (Price Objective) circa $1760. (See below).

Look For Gold To Surge To $1,760

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodity Strategy out of Sweden: 
“XAUEUR (€1441/oz) on track to post a record closing high with gold putting up a fight against the stronger US dollar. (See below).

Gold At All-Time Highs Price In Euros

Also of importance…

Eric King:  “Ivan, as you know I have purchased well over one million shares of your company’s stock in the open market because I am very excited about the multiple world class discovery opportunities in Gold, Silver, and now Copper.  And now this news of your Environmental Permit (DIA) has come in which has to be extremely exciting for management as well as for shareholders.”

Ivan Bebek:  “We are very excited.  We have been talking about the dream of finding one of the world’s largest mining discoveries in the last two decades and now that dream is getting closer to being a potential reality.  We are on the cusp of putting drills on the property and making that discovery.  An opportunity like Sombrero comes to you once in a lifetime – if you are lucky.  We could be discovering half of a world class copper belt, and if this wasn’t enough what has shareholders so excited is this is one of three world class discovery opportunities we have now in Gold, Copper and importantly, Silver…

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Eric, all of this is came together because we have one of the strongest exploration teams in the business.  These projects not only have investors excited, they have also drawn the attention of several major mining companies across the globe, not just for the world class opportunity at Sombrero but also for what’s happening now at our Silver/Gold project Curibaya. Having 3 world class opportunities in one company gives us the grand slam opportunity of possibly splitting our company into 3 companies (shares) for the price of 1, thereby substantially turbocharging the potential wealth creation for our shareholders.” Auryn Resources, symbol AUG in Canada and the US.

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